Claudia has been a musician of many hats throughout her life. Classically trained at a major university, she went on to play in bands that specialized in Jazz fusion, rock, pop, smooth jazz and salsa. Overseas tours courtesy of the Department of Defense, hotel gigs, and a short stint on a cruise ship cured the travel bug and were followed up by a permanent home in the Phoenix, Arizona. She is currently the pianist/organist at Desert Palm United Church of Christ, whose members embrace her modern arrangements and re-harmonizations of hymns, spirituals, and pop and jazz standards.

Claudia grew up listening to the sounds of classical music and opera. Her musical world changed when she received her first Beatles album as a preteen!  Although she continued classical studies she spent most of her time listening to the music of the Chicago scene. Blues, R & B, and jazz were all available on the radio and at the many concerts that were available to an all-ages crowd. Chicago had, and still has, many ensembles that explore the limits of jazz, and attending the concerts of some of those artists has continued to inspire her throughout her musical career. 


Claudia has been awarded a Research and Development grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. With this money she, with the help of her collaborator Mary Petrich, will research and perform more music by contemporary women musicians and engage the community with classes and workshops for younger women musicians. Click here for more details:​​


Claudia can be reached at

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